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Sound mental health is important for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and in our clinic we 'Among the finest Psychiatrists in the city, Dr Prashant Agrawal (MBBS, M.D. Psychiatry) is known for offering excellent patient care- OPD and In-Patient Services. The doctor holds an experience of 8 years [PGI, Chandigarh, JLNH & RC, Sector -9 Bhilai and NDDTC, Deptt. of Psychiatry, A.I.I.M.S, New Delhi] and has extensive knowledge in the respective field of medicine. Dr Prashant Agrawal has a well-equipped clinic with all the modern equipment to treat all types of mental illness like Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, OCD, Stress, Childhood Disorder,Alcohol- Tobacco-Cannabis (Ganja) Dependence, Opioid -De Addiction Treatment (O.S.T), Other Drug Abuse And Mobile/Internet De-addiction Therapy. The clinic has separate waiting and consultation areas which allow enough space for patients to wait conveniently at the clinic. 
Our objective is making people happy and healthy through our authentic treatments.
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#Opioid Addiction- अफीम/हेरोइन के नशे की लत से छुटकारा कैसे पाए !
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Schizophrenia- Severe Mental Illness
Suicide prevention-Depression Let's Talk